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VoIP Billing solution

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:11 pm 

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When working with copies of a2billing for reseller purposes, maybe you can get control of your resellers by having a master a2billing configuration where all resellers terminate their minutes (the same as having multiple servers virtual or non-virtual).

For this what you have to do is make the copies you want and in the trunk configuration set the provider tech as "Local" and the provider IP as "%dialingnumber%@contexte-of-the-master-a2billing-copy/nj".

--NOTE: /nj must be added for correct handling of the channel.--

This way we can create a customer for each reseller.

Maybe some has already done this but I did not see it on this topic.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:22 am 

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Hi All,

After over 1 year, I finally got some spare time to put my hand back on this project.

I am currently use A2Billing 1.3.4 + Asterisk 1.4.22 + Opensips 1.4.2.

Now, i can confirm that what i was trying to do can be done and now i have done what i want to achieve.

Assuming people who have read the previous posts. the problem was in the mysql. Finally, i know how i can fix the "VIEW" between opensips and a2billing.

Here is the command for VIEW for subscriber table in opensips.

Create view subscriber AS
SELECT id as id, useralias as username,
'your.domain' as domain,
uipass as password,
email as email_address,
md5(concat(useralias,':',uipass)) as ha1, md5(concat(useralias,'@yourdomain:',uipass)) as ha1b,
useralias as rpid,
useralias as uuid
FROM mya2billing.cc_card;

Then next step is to update the table version on the version table.
update version set table_version='6' where table_name=subscriber;

version number need to be bigger then the original one. This is what i got sucked before.

Now you should able to use opensips as your sip register and send call to a2billing for prepaid voip billing!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:39 am 

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krzykat wrote:
I haven't used a reseller module yet (can't wait to get into that), but if you've got 2 A2B's back to back, then I assume you would just have your first A2B system with the reseller's account as the trunk that he uses to process all of his calls.

System A = your main system
System B = reseller's virtual system

System A has a A2B user created that is Wholesaler (B)
System B sets up a SIP trunk to System-A as he is a user of this system.

Did I make any sense on this? Your system is the provider for the Virtual system. So he can't use more than you allow him with his account on System-A.

Do we have reseller module in A2Billing Now.
I know it will require changing many things in A2Billing to achieve to it.
I will see if I can extract the reseller module in my a2billing system for you guys to use. In any case it will require update to the database/table.

 Post subject: Re: reseller module, again
PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2010 12:58 pm 

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Thanks for this main Idea that you post in here...

The main idea is to
- clone an empty (or already running) a2b installation, into different folders
- clone the a2b database
- change some configuration options in a2b and asterisk
- force in 'readonly' some fields in the a2b

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VoIP Billing solution

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