recharge with another account number inteast the voucher
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Author:  s_m_alhakim [ Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  recharge with another account number inteast the voucher

for recharge in n ew way
i want when user account in a2billing reached the minimum credit or IVR play choice for it to enter new PIN ( another account ) and add the new pin credit to old card and set the new pin to 0 balance.
in this senario i want to use real account number inteast the voucher to recharging ,why ?
1- i want to print 1 cards type for users and they can use it from any caller ID and system add new caller id to pin
2- some users buy more than one card and want to merge its balance together to use it at once calling.
3- users cant understand 2 type cards ( accounts + recharge voucher ) and it is hard to learn them , so want to use 1 type for easliy using.

example :
i have this account numbers
ACC# : 1234 balance = $2
ACC# : 2255 balance = $10

when user 1234 call the system play IVR if you want to recharge press *7
then when press *7 ask for new pin and user enter 2255 so acc # new balance set to 2 + 10 = $ 12 and the 2255 clear balnce and set to $0.

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