Future direction of a2billing?
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Author:  GeekBoy [ Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:56 am ]
Post subject:  Future direction of a2billing?

One of the major features of a2b is the calling card setup/billing.

Talking with sellers of calling cards, and looking up industry data, one can basically say the calling card industry is dead. I am sure a lot of other features are nearly dead also such as the callback feature.

The progress of smart phones with their own communication applications, more available internet access globally, and cheaper cell phone data access, or unlimited calling plans now common has contributed to this.

I had been looking at another open source project called FreeSide. It's not VoIP specialized. but would have some interesting items which could be added to a2b.
Problem with FreeSide people is they are real assholes, and the basically have little documentation, or help for the users.

What other ways can a2b go in the wake of some dying industries?

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