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 Post subject: DID Question Please Help
PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:20 pm 

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I'm trying to get a conclusive answer to the questions of DID's
For calling cards
1) If I buy a DID from a provider say for ex 718-222-1111 and I add it to a2billing as an access number for customers how many calls can that DID take at ounces, I have had its based on the amount of channels (Channels meaning ports) the provider gives on a specific DID say I have 20 channels on a DID that can accommodate 40 calls simultaneously

2) I have also heard that a single DID that I buy from the provider can take as many calls based on my bandwidth mean it’s not about the channels it’s about the bandwidth so I need clarification

3) I would also like any suggestions on where or who sells the best/ better DID in the US if anyone knows I would also appreciate any other countries DID wholesale provider

 Post subject: Re: DID Question Please Help
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:32 pm 

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If you want to limit channels you would need to do that outside A2Billing. Send the call to this context:

exten => _X.,1,Set(GROUP()=channel-a2-45565489240)
exten => _X.,2,GotoIf($[${GROUP_COUNT()} > 25]?99)
exten => _X.,3,Goto(a2billing-did,${EXTEN},1)
exten => _X.,4,Hangup(16)
exten => _X.,99,Busy()

Have a look at this line:
exten => _X.,2,GotoIf($[${GROUP_COUNT()} > 25]?99)

"25" means it is limited to 25 concurrent calls. "99" is where the call is sent when all channels are in use. In this case, it goes to a busy signal

Pay per minute providers typically give you unlimited channels because you are paying per minute. Unlimited DID providers normally set a limit on how many concurrent calls you can use, regradless of bandwidth

If you want some good rates just PM me - we offer special rates to calling card providers

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