Need "486" to be treated like "503" by A2Billing
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Author:  Avestan [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Need "486" to be treated like "503" by A2Billing


Currently, I am running A2Billing - Version 1.4.4 (Lambic). I have noticed that the A2Billing deals with 486 and 503 in two different manors:

For "486 Busy Here - Callee is busy" the A2Billing plays the audio file "prepaid-isbusy" and that is the end of the call.
For "503 Service Unavailable" the A2Billing tries the Fail-Over trunk.

It appears that I am getting "486 Busy Here" from the trunk while the number "callee" is not really busy. Consequently, the "486 Busy Here" received from the terminator is a False signaling and I would like the A2Billing moves to the Fail-Over Trunk before ending the call. Therefore, I would like the 486 signal received from the trunk be treated like 503 signal.

My search brought me to this posting:

and "Eyal" in the last posting, points out a work around for a Trixbox users.

I don't think there is a nice and clean configuration sort of setting solution to this problem and modification needs to be done in "a2billing.php" or "Class.A2Billing.php" file.

Any guidance in the matter is appreciated.


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