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Author:  spacibo [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Default Langue

Hi There:

I followed exactly the it said here ( ... erisk-2971) with this command (bellow) now it isn't working properly, now when it says the balance partly in new voice and partly in old voice (voice) and also even though the default language GB is selected it say "you have 10 pound and" in new voice and "cents(instead pence)" in old voice, it's very strange and have been trying to find a way around. I would appreciate if you anyone can tell me the I can have my customers get voice prompts along with currency from different countries (e.g. Australia) keeping the base currency and location GB?

cd /usr/src
mkdir uk
cd uk

next grab the files -
wget ... wav.tar.gz
wget ... law.tar.gz
wget ... 723.tar.gz
wget ... 729.tar.gz
wget ... law.tar.gz

next extract the files that were downloaded -
find . -name 'Alison_Keenan-British-English-*' -exec tar xvfz {} \;

now we’re going to replace the file extensions on some of the files to match the default Asterisk ones -
find . -exec rename .g711a .alaw {} \;
find . -exec rename .g711u .ulaw {} \;

now remove the original tar files, copy over the new files and tidy up the download folder -
rm -f Alison_Keenan-British-English-*
unalias cp
cp -rf * /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en
cd ..
rm -rf uk

thanks for your help.

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