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 Post subject: Two important requests fro improving a2billing...
PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:02 pm 

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Hello, it would be very good to have the following 2 modifications...

1. To double check the INUSE state of a user account that has only INDIVIDUAL ACCESS, 1st time when he authenticates as its currently and 2nd time at the time that the user enter the desired number to call. Why ?? Because in large systems there is a problem that allows two users to use the same account at the same time even when is set to individual access, because writing the cc_card.inuse=1 value to the database can take some miliseconds sometimes this delay allows the two users to authenticate both if they Hook Off at the same time....(this allows them to call at same time with the same talktime available causing at the end negative balance and scamming the system). So if we check first and they pass the first check then they can not pass the second check at the DIAL time becuase it has been time enough while IVR is telling write the INUSE variable to database (in that case cc_card.inuse=2) and the system kicks off both "smart guys", saying sorry your account is in use. This can not seem critical, but is giving me a lot of headaches because i work for a company that has many clients and they like to scam the system. I will try to program the second check in the AGI, but it would be better if the masters that knows better the best way could do it. Anyway if i success i can post the pacth for everyone with the permission of the authors of course.

2. I work with many GSM Gateways for termination, a2billing send call to asterisk and asterisk send call to the gateway if its a GSM number. But gateway always have a delay on hanging up the call, this delay is tipically 2 -3 seconds. That means that if the clients hangs up exactly at 1:00 (60 seconds)...GSM network will really get the call as 1:03 going into the second minute, and they always bills 60/60 client was billed for 1 minute...and you (the service provider) will pay twice to the GSM operator...a 2:00 minutes call. I know i can set the system to bill the client 57/57 but as the rates are based on 60 seconds price. Then the credit numbers gets very weird values, specially in countries like Colombia where no decimal units are used. Only integer. Then the solution i have implemented is telling my clients to always hang up at 55 or 56 seconds...and i give them 1 or 2 extra minutes on every voucher recharge depending on the value. That is okay for them because those 4 or 5 seconds that they loose i give them back later.. BUT, i continue billing every 60 seconds and if hangup at 60 seconds i dont have profit on that call because i pay twice the minute....So what i suggest is that we can set a INITIAL TIME STEP when "available time for this call" variable is calculated , system can rest those 3 or 4 seconds from the total so the call does not pass to the following minute on the GSM Operator side and get billed an additional minute to you (as service provider)....its like when the user starts calling he start timecounter at 00:03 instead 00:00....this is the only solution that came to my mind, because the delay between VOIP/HANGUP and real GSM/HANGUP is a physical barrier you will never will be always there..sometimes shorter , sometimes larger....

I hope i can explain myself and i´m sure many other a2billing addicts will have this problems also...Thanks for waiting for the masters response ;)

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