Proposal for new functionalities
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Author:  rock1979 [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  Proposal for new functionalities


I am using a2billing for the last 2 years and everything is fine. But there are some points that i would like to share with the community and with the developers. Adding this functionalities will be very usefull and i am ready to make donation fro these functionalities.

1) A call plan should have selling rates for prefixes which are independent from the ratecards. So basicly what should i do.i should assing selling rates of a callplan only once. and if i found a new provider thus i should not need to set my selling rates in each csv file before importing the rates. Assuming that you have a few callplans and a few providers this job becomes a very hard process.
Here is an example from my case

i have 3 callplans(selling rates of prefixes are different in each call plan) and i have 10 ratecards(each ratecard have buying rates of different providers) and now today i found a new provider that is offering me a-z wholesale rates.
thus i need to add this provider in a2b since i have 3 callplans i need to create 3 ratecards for this provider and import these rates into a2b.

but each csv file that i will prepare should have the selling rates column as well. and as i mentioned my 3 callplans all have different selling rates. And this job becomes very hard. each csv file have 35000 records and i need to look to the old rates that i previously set in a2b and find the selling rates of prefixes and set them in the new csv file.

What is coming to my mind is this.
The selling rates of prefixes for a callplan should be assigned apart from the individual selling rates assigned in ratecards.
And while importing the rates there should be no need to set selling rates of the prefixes.

2)In use of a fail over trunk if that trunk have a prefix related with that destination than in CDR the buying rates of that prefix should be shown accordingly. Currently this is not in that way and we are not able to see real cost of calls if a failover trunk is used.

Hope that i was able to explain what was in my mind


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