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 Post subject: Ahead Work, Suggestions and improvements
PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:31 pm 

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I'd open this thread to propose several suggestions, and improvements, for several issues detected through the use of the last version of A2b. v. 1.9.4.

Finantial Secutiry.
Here, we had disabled moneybookers, due to fraude and instability with there service, so, I'm going to talk only about paypal, which is the unique which we use, else then bank wire transfer.

What we're doing, is we deactivate the automatic confirmation from paypal, so customer purchase a credit, go to pay in paypal, but after finishing the transaction, we block the confirmation message, to avoid auto credit, then we have time to review the transactions, one by one, and credit them to the customer manually. It's working fine, and we have like ZERO fraud in the last 6-8 months; so I'd say, it was the must effective method.

So, here, I'd propose to develop this experience as below:
1. Paypal shouldn't confirm directly the payment by updating the customer balance, it should be 2 options, first, if the customer is new, and it's the first operation, it should create a ticket to admin to review the operation, and if it's approved, just from a2billing directly credit it, and create the refile. But if the customer is already an old customer, so, paypal can update directly the balance creating the refile, as it's today.
2. When creating the refile in a2billing, into any of the previous options, we should send back a message confirmation to paypal, that we already shiped the product, as we credit the balance to the customer, so we need to update the transaction in paypal after creating the refile, with the refile transaction number, and the customer account number. With this manner, we get covered from paypal, as we already delivered the product, and no room to accept any dispute.
3. I'd increase the commission over paypal payments, so, I'd not assume the paypal commission, but also, would add an additional 1% commission for the net amount coming from paypal, before credit it to the customer, as balance in paypal is also subject to another charge, so, it's interesting to add this possibility into the paypal module.

Banking payments.
It's interesting to add a banking payment module, where customer can generate a proforma, to order his transfer, and let the refile open, under ticket for the admin, to aprove it, whenever the bank transfer arrive to our account. We're doing this manualy today, but it's interesting to be add in box.

The DID service in a2billing still quiet poor. We are facing some issues, troubles, and I'm going to propose them as suggestions and improvements.
1. When a customer have an active DID, and he just port it out, so, I dn't like to delete the DID completely from the System, but when I go to deactivate the DID, first the DID still billing the customer, even, if it's deactivate it... and if I delete the DID from the customer account, it's still showing that DID as available to be purchased for other customers. So, no idea, why the activation/deactivation, status option are there, it's not working, and it's interesting to get review this. We haven't went into this, but it's into a bug, as it's not working, and a suggestion to improve it.

2. VERY IMPORTANT issue, is, when a customer is deactivating a DID, or it's just being release due to underpayment, it's interesting to notify the admin, by mail, or by ticket to review the situation, some DIDs we're purchasing them from other providers, so if the customer release them, and we're not notified, we still paying and losing for this, and no sence, so, it's important to have this function.

3. It's interesting to add a portabilities module into the DID service, we're having this for the moment as an external application, and doing it manually, but it's really interesting to get it in box.

4. A Request DID also, option, it's interesting, we're doing this also manually, within an external application, but it's nice to allow the customer to raise a quote request, or whatever option to request for non available in Stock DID.

Ticketing and Support.
Customer tickets are being created, and managed absolutely within an independent way from the customer account. It's interesting to link, and allow the admin, when opening a customer file, to see existing, open, or tickets history, about the customer... as today, when we open a customer account, we see refiles, cdrs, details, but not Tickets... so, it's interesting to link the ticket into the customer account, to improve the CRM service.


Here I'm missing another reports issue. In our specific case, and i guess it's similar to others, we have to declare for the tax administration, rather the VAT, and telecommunications fees.

So, it would be interested, into the reports side, or other elsewhere, to have a monthly VAT report, where we can feed the recompiled VAT amount, to prepare the VAT declaration.

And also, as it's legaly required, we have to pay fees for the telecommunication service, and the add value services. So, wwe have to pay for the traffic, and for the DIDs a special fees. So, would be interested to separate the Billed DIDs, from the traffic reports in the reports side.

I'm sure, there's much other issues to day, and to say, so, for this I'm opening this thread, that we may exchange ideas, and improve the platform. And, I'm also aware, to discuss this developments with some one, and guarant him to do it as a professional service, and contribute with the develpoment code to the community


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