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 Post subject: A2Billing and a commercial experience
PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:44 pm 

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I felt I had to write on my experiences so far with A2Billing.

My company has been installing IP-PBX products and Asterisk since 2006. This year due to demand from our customer base we decided to setup our own platform on Asterisk. This has been working well but I always knew billing was going to be the achilles heel of the project so I began researching my options. Like most of us who are involved in general IT, solutions and ideas are often found from our good friend Google. As the subject states this is a "commercial experience" and not something i wanted to take chances on. During this time a colleague recommended A2Billing to me and introduced me to Star2Billing, the commercial side of the business. We discussed options and they detailed exactly what was needed to make the platform a success.

I commissioned the Star2Billing team to install their product into our development area where we could test and use for our own business before putting live customers near it. I also bought some hours of post support time as I knew we would need it, and we did! After the installation was promptly completed we were issued with a training video and support literature to get us started. We then began using and testing. When we hit problems, emails were exchanged with Star2Billing and we were accurately guided from professionals how to solve. After a few months testing (and getting side tracked on other issues) we were ready for A2Billing to be installed on our new shiny server. Again, we asked the professionals to do this for us. Go live was a nerve-wracking experience but I was confident support was close to hand when required.

Day 1.
Agghhhh SIP calls drop after 20secs. HELP! Very calmly i was told to set canreinvite=no in my SIP configs, problem over. Sure I had this set in sip.conf [general] of my Asterisk install but in the heat of the moment......

Day 2,3. Everything seemed ok although starting to get complaints of calls dropping and connection issues?

Day 4. Getting real hassle now from clients and after a few support calls we realised there was no problem with call connection or dropouts but the fact there was no 'Busy' tone returning to the endpoint. So while our clients thought there were connection issues actually the called party was engaged!

Day 5. An early morning cry of HELP! I was told to comment ;Answer() in my dialplan and reload. FIXED! Phew happy clients.

This product is not perfect but the commitment and dedication from the team fills me with confidence it will grow bigger and better with each release. The people at Star2Billing know what they are doing and whilst we only have a fairly small amount of traffic at present with there help we able to complete a successful migration. Paid support was so worth it.

A big thank you to the team at Star2Billing.

I hope this post helps someone.


 Post subject: Re: A2Billing and a commercial experience
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:48 am 

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Nice. This inspired me to write my experience as well.

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