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 Post subject: Billing Blue's
PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:22 am 

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Dear A2billing community,

I wonder if someone might be able to assist with my rate card nightmare.

Prefix Matching

At the moment I have a number of different termination suppliers, using the following number format.

00 (International and UK Geographic) - So 001 for USA, 0044207 for UK Geographic London.
1XX For UK Operator Services.
11XXXX for UK Directory Services.

(in the above case the X's are not RegEx expressions but are used to depict multiple rates for different routes)

When looking at the rate import table in A2billing, it says you can't import regex expression's through the interface.

Despite it saying this, I have been able to import them and have the following set-up.

1 for USA, 49 for Germany etc...
_44[1-3]XXXXXXX. For UK Geographic
1XX For UK Operator Services.
11XXXX for UK Directory Services.

In the above case, I have two have different Trunks pointing to the same termination supplier as I need to do some digit manipulation.

In the most ideal world the best solution would be to not require regex expressions and only have the need for one trunk.

To do this I have followed the routing pattern supplied by my termination suppliers.

00 (International and UK Geographic) - So 001 for USA, 0044207 for UK Geographic London.
1XX For UK Operator Services.
11XXXX for UK Directory Services.

This therefore means I need to be able to insert leading zero's into the ratecards.

I was able to do this in the cc_ratecard table, as the dialprefix is char(30). I assume because of the need to support regex expressions.

However in the cc_prefix table the prefix is a bigint(20).

So as this is an Integer field it will not support leading zeros.

So in an effort to get things working I changed the prefix field to a Char(30).

I then found I could import prefixes with leading 00's and that I was able to rate and bill calls.

However I now find that if I attempt to view the rates form in a2billing admin it get's stuck and mysql max's out a thread.
If I put in a small prefix table, say 2 test prefixes the rates form loads and matches the destination.

I therefore assume that the rates form is optimised to match on prefix's with integer values.

Can anyone tell me how to change the code in the this form so that it matches with the speed of an integer prefix?

Time of Date Routing

I need to be able to bill different connect charges and rates per minute depending on the time of the day.

For example:-

Peak/Off Peak and Weekend.

How do I do this? I can see A2billing from version 1.9.5 has progressive billing where the rate per minute can change depending on the duration of the call.

What about time of day?

I see in the AGI conf there is a force_call_plan ID, does this mean I could send calls to different AGI's based on the time of the day?

If so how do I do it?

Many Thanks for any help

 Post subject: Re: Billing Blue's
PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:40 am 

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Hello TJ

I am really willing to help you but what you wrote is too much to follow .. !
It also gave me the impression that you are adding extra burdens. Things could be much easier if you find the right way to do it.

Points to keep in mind :
1) not necessary all rates are in the same Rate Card
2) Rate card can be set to remove and/or add any prefix
3) you can always work at the Asterisk level and do some logic before calling the A2B

And yes, you can use the AgiConf to force a certain callplan and control that from asterisk dialplan

Hope this helps ..

Let me know if you need to discuss specific issues even more ..

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