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Author:  nighttrain2 [ Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:56 am ]

Hello, I am somewhat of a novice so please excuse me if I get the lingo incorrect.

Currently I -- forward calls-- You dial a DID I have it and forwards to another number.
I suppose that would be considered -- outgoing--

My problem is the call terminator has a security measure if the callerid shows -- restricted or unknown-- the call can not be completed.

So, I am trying to have it where the actual DID shows up in the caller id.... not the number the individual is calling from

Below are my settings. When I dial the DID my actual number shows up instead of the DID which is what I do not want to happen.

; enable the setup of the callerID number before the outbound is made, by default the user callerID value will be use
auto_setcallerid = YES

; If auto_setcallerid is enabled, the value of force_callerid will be set as CallerID
force_callerid = YES

; If force_callerid is not set, then the following option ensures that CID is set to one of the card's configured caller IDs or blank if none available.
; NO - disable this feature, caller ID can be anything.
; CID - Caller ID must be one of the customers caller IDs
; DID - Caller ID must be one of the customers DID nos.
; BOTH - Caller ID must be one of the above two items.
cid_sanitize = CID

; enable the callerid authentication
; if this option is active the CC system will check the CID of caller
cid_enable = NO

; if the CID does not exist, then the caller will be prompt to enter his cardnumber
cid_askpincode_ifnot_callerid = YES

; if the callerID authentication is enable and the authentication fails then the user will be prompt to enter his cardnumber
; this option will bound the cardnumber entered to the current callerID so that next call will be directly authenticate
cid_auto_assign_card_to_cid = NO

; if the callerID is captured on a2billing, this option will create automatically a new card and add the callerID to it
cid_auto_create_card = YES

; set the length of the card that will be auto create (ie, 10)
cid_auto_create_card_len = 10

Upon placing the setting above.

I then went to putty.exe
logged in

asterisk -r
core reload


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