Seeking install help ...
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Author:  PBX365_Support1 [ Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Seeking install help ...

Hello All,

I am attempting an install of a2billing for the first time (for a software evaluation), and thought perhaps I can get some help here ...

I have done all of the steps through 9, but am very unsure about the second part of the published "Step 4":

"4. Move, copy, or symlink /AGI/a2billing.php into the asterisk abi-bin directory, and also copy or symlink the common/lib directory."

After untarring the bundle, I am left with the following:

/tmp/a2billing-master/{all files}

Here is where I am serving my a2billing from:


I have copied all of /tmp/a2billing-master/common/lib/*.* files to /var/public/htdocs/a2billing/common/lib/*.*, but still no go.

The 2nd part of Step 4 says "and also copy or symlink the common/lib directory", but doesn't say from where to where. I assume from the untarred location into the /var/public/htdocs/a2billing/common/lib directory. I have done this ... but still get an empty (blank) page in the browser when trying: (if I add an "echo" to this index.php, it is found).

For part 2 of step 4, it would be of great help if you can provide a sample "cp" or "ln -s" command .... for illustration only (we will be able to do exactly what needs to be done once we know WHAT needs to be done).

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you.

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